Friday, 24 May 2013

The Best Airports In The World

The consulting firm at Skytrax has recently released its annual survey marking the best airports in the world, and Singapore Changi moved up from second place last year to being the top pick for 2013. This is great news for those who have recently purchased Singapore Air first class tickets for an upcoming trip. 

Singapore's Chang i Airport received the top award for many good reasons. Chang i was designed to be open and airy with an unparalleled amount of greenery which is perfectly suited to Singapore which is known as "the garden city". The amenities at Chang i are truly extraordinary, with its gorgeous butterfly garden, movie theaters, fantastic spas and perhaps most incredible of all is the four-story slide. Chang i is an architectural marvel, perfectly combining beauty with function, and it is guaranteed to make your waiting time prior to boarding Singapore Air business class flights an absolute pleasure.

Seoul's Inchon airport was knocked out of first place by Chang i this year, but managed to stay near the top with its current second place ranking. The rest of the top ten airports as rated by Skytrax are as follows: Amsterdam Schipol Airport is third, Hong Kong International Airport is fourth, Beijing Capital International Airport is fifth, Munich Airport is sixth, Zurich Airport is seventh, Vancouver International Airport is eighth, Tokyo International Airport is ninth and London's Heath-row Airport was ranked tenth.

Skytrax also offers rankings in individual categories which can also be interesting to read. The top ranking for security processing went to Copenhagen, the best baggage delivery award went to Zurich, the top awards for cleanliness and for best domestic airport went to Tokyo Handed, the most improved airport award went to Frankfurt and the best airport shopping award went to London's Heath row.

Frequent travelers as well as occasional vacationers know that the quality and thoughtfulness of airport amenities and staff can really make a huge difference in whether or not your airport time is exhausting or relaxing and even enjoyable.  Based on this year's Skytrax awards, it is clear that anyone traveling on Singapore Air business class flights and anyone who has purchased Singapore Air first class tickets is in for a wonderful airport experience. You may even want to arrive a little bit extra early to enjoy the extravagant amenities that are available at Singapore's Chang i Airport.  However, sometimes different people are affected by different things when it comes to their enjoyment of an airport experience.  Which is your favorite airport in the world?


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