Sunday, 20 January 2013

Do You Act Differently On A Plane?

It can be a surreal experience to be soaring through the sky at 30,000 feet. However, for most frequent flyers, a flight is a routine activity that they rarely think about other than thoughts about booking their trip and how much longer it's going to take to get there. However, for someone who has never been on an airplane before, the idea of hurtling through the clouds at 500 miles per hour still seems like an incredible feat.

There are many odd rituals that people do on airplanes which they may not do anywhere else. For example, have you ever ordered tomato juice on an airplane?  Tomato juice is one of the most popular on-board drink orders. But how many people actually drink it at any other time in their regular routines?  The fact is that most people only drink tomato juice on an airplane and never at another time. This practice is so prevalent that research has been done to try to understand why this happens. Research has shown that people order tomato juice so frequently on an airplane because they never have it available at home which makes it seem more desirable when it's offered. Take note the next time that you're on a flight to notice just how many people around you order tomato juice. If you haven't noticed this in the past, you'll be amazed by the results.

Another pastime that is largely unique to airplane travel is drinking as early as 8am. More and more people are finding discount business class airfares and enjoying all of the fine spirits and wines that are offered to them. However, it's not just those in the premium seats who are drinking in the morning on a flight. Many people who would never dream of drinking before noon will have a glass of wine or a cocktail on a plane regardless of the time. Research has shown that this is due to the simple reason that it is frequently free and that makes it more appealing and gives people the sense of not wanting to waste a free drink. You don't always have to be one of the fortunate people who purchased discount business class airfares to be offered a free drink. Many airlines offer an alcoholic beverage free of charge to all of their passengers.

These are just a couple of the many odd rituals that you will see on an airplane. Do you have some odd airplane rituals of your own?


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