Friday, 25 January 2013

Airline System to Match Your Mood

Latvian airline airbaltic has launched a revolutionary service to match your mood with the passenger that is seated next to you on the airplane. This service is free and is designed to carefully match passengers based on their mood. 

For those passengers who can afford business class flights, the additional space and services make the trip more enjoyable.  However, for the many passengers who are traveling in economy class, being seated beside a difficult person can make the flight almost unbearable. The thinking behind this new service is to help to alleviate this problem by surveying the passengers before the flight and seating them next to someone who hopes for a similar travel experience. 

There are four different moods to choose from when using this service:

1.  Those who are hoping to meet a new business partner.
2.  Those who would like to enjoy casual chatting with the passenger seated next to them.
3.  Those who want to focus on their work in peace.
4.  Those who are simply feeling anti-social.

This is a new service and the possibilities are fantastic. How many times have you sat down on an airplane planning to get your work done when the person next to you starts chatting? The next thing that you know, you're trapped in a conversation and it can be very difficult to politely explain that you want to do your work in silence. Or, alternatively, maybe you don't have any work to do and you would prefer to distract yourself by chatting during the flight to make the time go faster but you find that the person next to you is wearing headphones for the entire flight. With this new mood matching system, you can be assured that this won't happen and that you'll actually be seated beside someone with a similar plan for how to use the flight time. Whether you're taking business class flights or flying in economy class, there is no question that this mood matching system can improve the enjoyment of your trip.

Airbaltic makes it clear that this data is kept completely secure and the actual identity of the passengers is never revealed. The system is anonymous and safe to use. Some other airlines are in discussions about implementing this system for use on their flights as well. So, now the only question that remains is what kind of mood will you be in for your next flight?


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