Thursday, 18 April 2013


There is a growing trend in London ofrevisiting retro styles, shops and hangouts.  Some tourists are making a point of finding the cheapest flights to London and enjoying a fully retro vacation to experience eras from the past.  London is truly embracing its charming history and there are many incredible sights to see.

It's a real nostalgia trip, but there is a special charm to vintage style.  Many young Londoners are opening up shops and establishments that offer the experience of a new take on an old pastime.  Purchase London business class flights, or make the extra effort to find the cheapest flights to London, and take a trip down memory lane.

One of the most popular types of vintage stores that are opening in London are candy shops.  Hope and Greenwood is an adorable retro shop that is modeled in the fashion of the 1950s.  This shop features a seemingly endless supplyof glass jars containing all of the classic English candies, including Raspberry Ruffles, Minty Humbugs and Traffic Light Lollies.  Enjoy sweet thoughts of the past while indulging in these classic English treats.

Another cool trend is bars that are modeled in the style of the prohibition era.   Bourne & Hollingsworth is one of the most authentic options available.  They feature prohibition themed nights where you can enjoy classic gin cocktails that are served in teapots, just as they were back in the days when alcohol was illegal.  Listen to Billie Holiday records and enjoy the old fashioned decor from times gone by.

Geales, located in Notting Hill, has recently been renovated but has been carefully restored to retain its original look from the 1930s.  This retro restaurant offers traditional English style fish and chips as well as exquisite takes on shrimp cocktail and raw oysters.  Modern takes on classic dishes make Geales a fascinating and scrumptious culinary experience.

Vintage style is enjoying a massive resurgence in London in recent years and it seems that there is no end in sight to this trend.  Even if you've traveled to London several times before, choosing to visit retro shops and establishments can really make it feel like you're traveling to another time.  It seems that what's old is new again in London, and vintage shops are popping up in all sorts of neighborhoods.  Take a trip to the past by booking a retro London vacation today!


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