Thursday, 17 January 2013

Top Tourist Destinations of 2012

The past year saw remarkable growth in the international tourist industry. Many had predicted that there would be a decline in tourism in 2012 due to economic struggles, but statistics show that people are still doing plenty of traveling for pleasure regardless of these difficult financial times.

London was the number one city for visitors this past year which is largely due to the Olympics. As you can guess, there were more London business class flights in the past year than there were in previous years due to the economic boom created by being the city to host the Olympics. This resulted in a huge tourism boom for the city as there were not only an increased number of London business class flights but also many more regular flights and visitors overall.

Paris is second on the list and you can imagine why that would be. Known as a hot destination for decades, Paris continues to ignite the imagination and draw in visitors from all over the world. Known for its romance, art, culture, fine cuisine and incredible museums, it seems that Paris will always remain a top destination for world travelers.

Bangkok is third on the list which may come as a surprise to some, but there are magnificent and unique cultural attractions there that must be seen to be believed. Thailand is well known for its gorgeous beaches and stunning landscapes, and Bangkok is known as the economic hub with an exhilarating nightlife and fascinating culture to explore.

Singapore is somewhat of a surprise is the fourth most popular tourist destination of 2012.Once regarded as too exotic for many travelers, recent years have seen a massive increase in Singapore's tourism industry.  Singapore boasts a diverse culture and you will see workers there from all around the world.  With its beautifully consistent weather, wonderful cuisine, gorgeous beaches and resorts, Singapore truly has something to please tourists from all around the world.

Istanbul is fifth on our list of the most popular tourist destinations of the past year. It is the largest city in Turkey and is certainly the cultural and economic hub of the country. Istanbul is a wonderful place to witness stunning architecture, breathtaking historic shopping markets and a rich and diverse culture. 

This past year was a great one for travel and it is predicted that 2013 will be even better.  It may be time to start planning your next vacation!


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