Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Most Bizarre Attempts to Smuggle Animals

Imagine that you're waiting in the security line getting ready to fly business class to Taipei when the person in front of you gets pulled aside to be searched. You would probably be expecting the security guards to find that the traveler has too much shampoo in their bag or something minor along those lines. Imagine your shock when the airport security discovers that they are trying to carry 18 monkeys onto the plane!  This actually happened during a recent random airport security check in Lima, Peru.

Animal smuggling is a surprisingly prevalent issue all around the world. Thailand is known as a hub for animal trafficking, but it can happen anywhere and on any type of flight, including Cebu business class flights and flights traveling business class to Taipei. This lucrative trade is widespread and some of the stories of what has been found are incredible.

A Norwegian man was arrested in Denmark when officials decided to search him based on his inappropriate choice of clothes. They were amazed to find that he was carrying several pythons which had been stuffed into stockings that were strapped to his chest. As if this wasn't enough, the man also had 10 lizards stuffed into cans that were attached to his legs. Needless to say, he didn't successfully enter the country!

The things that people try to smuggle through airports are truly remarkable. A passenger was searched at Heath row airport and the guards discovered 40 parrot eggs hidden in a customized vest that he was wearing. 

It can be horrifying to learn about the dangerous animals that are being smuggled through airports. A man was once arrested at the Rio de Janeiro airport during a random check. The security guards had discovered several venomous spiders in the man's suitcases. He was a pet store owner in the U.K. and apparently wanted to bring these exotic animals back to his store to sell.

If these stories weren't enough to shock you, this next one surely will. Security guards decided to search a woman at the Stockholm airport when they noticed her scratching her chest excessively while waiting in line. They were amazed to find that she had somehow managed to hide 75 baby snakes in her bra. The snakes were obviously seized and the woman was kept for questioning.

So, the next time that you're booked on a Cebu business class flights, be certain that you've packed your own bags and remember that bringing monkeys on airplanes is strictly prohibited!


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