Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Elegance of Business Class Cabins

 All of you who have had the pleasure of traveling in business class know that the transformation of your trip due to this luxurious option can be incredible. Many airlines are working hard to create the most elegant and comfortable business class cabins that have ever been available. With the increase in discounted business class flights, such as cheap flights to London or Paris, this premium form of travel is available to more people now than it has been in the past. 

Korean Air is now offering an all-business class upper deck featuring a stunning "Celestial Bar" (pictured above) and the world's first duty-free boutique to be located on-board. Featuring a gorgeous design and flawless service, you won't even want to leave the plane when you arrive in your destination!

Turkish Airlines now has a premium chef on-board who designs and prepares culinary delights like none that have ever been offered during a flight before. You can enjoy five-star dining prepared fresh by a top chef while flying through the clouds in this fantastic business class area.

Qantas offers fully flat "Sky beds" which can make the difference between an excruciatingly long flight versus a great night's sleep and waking up fully rested at your destination. Chic and posh are just two words that come to mind when feasting your eyes on the luxury to be enjoyed there.

Air Canada features a bright and modern design which is considered one of North America's top business class options. The cabin has been described by passengers as a "private suite in the sky" and one look at it will make even the most seasoned traveler excited to give it a try.

Etihad Airways business class cabins boast remarkably stylish seats that double as massage chairs. You can enjoy supreme comfort and services for the entire trip in this wonderfully luxurious airline.

These are just a few examples of the elegance and sophistication that can be enjoyed on a business class flight. If you are accustomed to flying in economy class, you may want to do some research into the possibility of upgrading your seats. There are more discounts in business class now than ever before, including wonderful deals on cheap flights to London, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, Bangkok, Tokyo and many others. Take the time to see what is available and you may be surprised to find a business class flight which is affordable for your next trip. Luxury awaits you!


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